Oversee Everything From One Dashboard

LiveCaller’s call center management system gives you all the information you need to ensure you’re getting the most out of the software to maximize your businesses potential.

LiveCaller Enables You To Receive Calls and Chat With Your Clients, All On One System

Not only does LiveCaller enable you to communicate on the spot, directly with your web users, you will also have the ability to monitor communication statistics in order to see how the system is helping your service. You’ll have the ability to view your current live calls, how long each call lasts and how many calls you receive a month, among many other features.

LiveCaller Allows You To Be In Control

Our dashboard allows you to set up calling via department. For example, service calling services for sales means your web visitors can call this department directly, without the need of having to go through a switchboard. All of these features allows higher customer satisfaction and will contribute to an increase of sales.

Manage User Profiles

LiveCaller gives you the option of saving all user details upon their consent. This way, if web visitors contact you again, you’ll be able to see their contact details, including their name, location and email, at the time of them making contact with you.

Our system is uniquely designed to maximum output and minimize your workload, offering web visitors a tailor made, personalized experience.

Reporting &
Statistics All On One System

  • Communication Reporting

    Analyse calling trends to ascertain when you receive the most calls or chats and to which department.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    Track your call history and monitor agents productivity with LiveCaller. Uniquely designed to offer you everything you need to get the most out of your businesses productivity.

  • Conversion Tracking

    Analyse how many calls have been missed or how many are waiting. Improve your services overall efficiency with LiveCaller.

Reporting &
Statistics All On One System