About Us

LiveCaller is an enterprise software company. Our client base varies from small, singly-owned businesses to multinational companies.

What makes us unique? Having a good service is a competitive advantage for any company. LiveCaller enables companies to maintain close communication with their clients, helping them go over and above their customers expectations, and helps push companies to reach new levels of success.

We believe that we’ve covered all bases when it comes to our software - Not only do we have a system that allows direct communication with your clients, we also have all of the necessary support in place to keep it running successfully. Our built-in dashboard enables you to monitor all usage, and offers a high level of statistical analysis and call center activity information.

Our team has vast experience in customer service, sales and technical support, from all corners of the globe. Each staff member has brought their unique experience to the team, which has resulted in one great product: LiveCaller.


It’s about more than just great benefits. It’s a way of life built on our core values.


It’s a proven fact that if people are happy in their workplace, they tend to perform better. We believe in a fun work environment, it makes us all feel better and leads us to work better as a team.


Free expression is an aspect that is highly respected at LiveCaller. We value all of our employees opinion and will always take them into consideration for matters relating to the company.


We believe in investing in our company to make it even better. The self-development of our staff members is a hugely important aspect of this. We will always strive to offer any and all training necessary and anything else needed for your professional development.


Generosity at work goes way beyond pay day. Or at least, we believe so. We think that team-building is very important, and often arrange days out, training and staff parties to excel our teamwork and bring us even closer together as a company.


In a lot of companies, some details are kept hidden. With us, we believe honesty is the best policy. We will always be upfront and honest with what’s happening, and we expect exactly the same in return.


Our working environment is relaxed and friendly. Team morale is important to us, and the working environment plays a key well in ensuring this is of a high level. We are a friendly team, and it is a fun place to work.

Career Opportunities

LiveCaller is expanding. We are always on the lookout for rising talent that may fit well in to our team. If you feel as if you can relate to LiveCaller’s mission, and have the skills and experience needed to help push us forward, why not consider a career with us?

Interested in joining our team ?

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