Just type it. Connect through the written word

In some situations, a voice call is not useful, appropriate, or simply not wanted by a customer. With this in mind, we’ve created our online chat feature, all connected to the same core software. Use Web-Chat to send documents, information, or anything data-heavy material you may need to send, all from one place.

Instant Service Without Voice

Some web users may prefer to chat as a means of writing as opposed to a call. LiveCaller’s chat feature enables you to speak in real-time with your clients, as well as send and receive relevant information. Our system gives you and your web visitors the choice of ways in which to communicate, all made accessible on our centralized, user-friendly system.

Store Chat History

You are able to store and monitor all of your chat information on our system. Analyze trends, oversee agent productivity, and ascertain what is working and what is not. LiveCaller puts you in control and lets you search your history and find ways to improve your communications.

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